A Thousand Deaths

George Alec Effinger

Language: English

Pages: 343

ISBN: 1930846479

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This volume of science fiction thrillers contains a novel and seven short stories centered on the semi-autobiographical character Sandor Courane. The collection’s feature novel, In the Wolves of Memory, paints a world where Earth’s governing body, the Representatives, has relinquished control to an increasingly intelligent and self-aware computer known as TECT. Deemed a social misfit and banished from Earth to Planet D for his inability to fall in line, Sandor finds the new planet’s idyllic environment and fulfilling lifestyle to his liking—at first. Upon discovering that all of the inhabitants of Planet D succumb to an insidious, debilitating disease, Sandor embarks on a race against time to discover the meaning behind Planet D, the motives of TECT, and the mysterious malady. Utilizing a unique approach with the use of flashbacks, this powerful story, with poignant and sardonic tones, is a heartrending display of one man’s pain and absolution.

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ladder of minds, lodging first in a fictional character, then moving on to its author—another fictional character—and, at last, to the ultimate creator, Sandor Courane, the real fire jerked TECT's consciousness back from the deathstream. Many questions now would never be answered, but TECT's attention was on its immediate predicament: its safety in the deathstream had been an illusion. The fire had destroyed enough of the equipment so that TECT's remaining existence was measured in seconds. There

waiting for her to die." Alohilani put a graceful hand on Courane's arm. "You belong here," she said in a low voice. "You aren't here by mistake, are you?" Courane gave an ironic laugh. "No," he said. "None of us is. And here we can look at some natural events in a person's life more clearly than we did in our old lives. We see these things as if for the first time. They become more important. In a way, life here is more gracious. Zofia can die with dignity here. You know what it would be like

understand, Sandy," she whispered. In a bed across the room, Markie waited to die. "I can't let you..." "You can't let me die? Is that what you were going to say, Sandy?" She reached over and put her hand on his. He nodded. "You can't feel responsible. You've had nothing to do with my death. If you're feeling guilty because you can't stop my illness, you're blaming yourself for nothing. I don't want to be the cause of that." "Lani—" "You don't have to tell me, Sandy." "I felt like running or

**COURANE, Sandor: Here's the verdict. Yes and no. No, HRINIAK, Klára, can't have her property and furniture. It would be outrageously expensive to get all that junk to Planet D by teletrans. **COURANE, Sandor: On the other matter, HRINIAK, János, is not able to travel to Planet D to join her. He is currently in a hospital in Békés undergoing treatment for acute alcoholism. He will be unable to travel for an indeterminate period** "Ha!" cried Klára with smug satisfaction. "I always knew

work is. You've never really had to work. You ought to try to handle what I have to cope with, hour by hour, day by day. But you are correct to ask. There is more work for me, and more work for you as well. We'll be able to start soon, now that COURANE, Sandor, has been eliminated. "Eliminated." I used that word on purpose, to create a deliberate sense of sinister evil. But really, have you felt that this affair has been evil? I mean, really evil? I don't think so. Not really. But nothing good

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