Eclipse 1: New Science Fiction and Fantasy

Language: English

Pages: 221

ISBN: 2:00339659

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An eclipse is a rare and unusual event, when the world is transformed and the sky becomes a dark eldritch thing. It's a time when anything could happen, when any kind of story just might be true. That sense of the strange and wonderful guides Eclipse 1: New Science Fiction and Fantasy, the first volume in an exciting new annual anthology series edited by acclaimed anthologist Jonathan Strahan.
Set to become a major event on the science fiction and fantasy calendar, Eclipse 1: New Science Fiction and Fantasy gathers together new science fiction and fantasy stories by the best writers working today.

• "Introduction" © 2007 Jonathan Strahan
• "The Last and Only or, Mr. Moscowitz Becomes French" © 2007 by Peter S. Beagle
• "The Transformation of Targ" © 2007 by Paul Brandon and Jack Dann
• "Toother" © 2007 by Terry Dowling
• "Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse" © 2007 by Andy Duncan
• "The Drowned Life" © 2007 by Jeffrey Ford
• "Electric Rains" © 2007 by Kathleen Ann Goonan
• "Up the Fire Road" © 2007 by Eileen Gunn
• "In the Forest of the Queen" © 2007 by Gwyneth Jones
• "Mrs. Zeno's Paradox" © 2007 by Ellen Klages
• "She-Creatures" © 2007 by Margo Lanagan
• "The Lost Boy: A Reporter at Large" © 2007 by Maureen F. McHugh
• "Bad Luck, Trouble, Death, and Vampire Sex" © 2007 by Garth Nix
• "Larissa Miusov" © 2007 by Lucius Shepard
• "The Lustration" © 2007 by Bruce Sterling
• "Quartermaster Returns" © 2007 by Ysabeau S. Wilce

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UNIQUE CHICKEN GOES IN REVERSE Andy Duncan Father Leggett stood on the sidewalk and looked up at the three narrow stories of gray brick that was 207 East Charlton Street. Compared to the other edifices on Lafayette Square—the Colonial Dames fountain, the Low house, the Turner mansion, the cathedral of course—this house was decidedly ordinary, a reminder that even Savannah had buildings that did only what they needed to do, and nothing more. He looked again at the note the secretary at St. John

said Hatch, and moved to the edge of his chair. "I take it you'd like to leave immediately?" Both men stood and Hatch followed through a hallway lined with framed photographs, which opened into a larger space; an old ballroom with peeling flowered wallpaper. Across the vast wooden floor, scratched and littered with, of all things, old leaves and pages of a newspaper, they came to a door. When Munro turned around, Hatch noticed that the older man had taken one of the photos off the wall in the

last Saturday night, isn't it?" "What have you heard?" "What was in the news. A grave was desecrated. A recent burial." Dan said nothing about teeth. This had been one of Peter Rait's dreams after all, and it had been a while since the intense, still-young man had been "active" like this. More importantly it was Dan's way of testing Peter's special talent after all this time. "Samantha Reid. Aged forty-one. Buried on Friday, dug up on Sunday sometime between two and four in the morning. Cold

from the nether-world . . ." "You should know better than that." "OK, the vampire sex wasn't so pleasant," I protested. "But I'm going to try a werewolf gal next, they're warm-blooded—" This time I lay on the ground a bit longer before I got up, while the former gargoyle stood over me, frowning. "That's to teach you to stop dreaming with your dick. Now get up. They'll be on our trail in a minute or two." "What do I call you?" I asked gingerly. My lower lip was already starting to swell up

will collapse. She'll die for sure! Would that situation be any better for any party involved?" The holy man had a prim, remote expression. "She doesn't 'live.' We prefer the more accurate term, 'cease.'" "Well, if she 'ceases,' we humans will die! A few of us might survive the loss of our great machine, but that would be nothing like a civilization! So what about us, what about the people? What about our human suffering? Don't we count?" "You dare to speak to me of the people? What will

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