Ellie Vayo's Guide to Boudoir Photography

Ellie Vayo

Language: English

Pages: 126

ISBN: 1584282533

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The secrets of boudoir photography—such as attracting clientele, setting the right mood, shooting flawless hair and gorgeous make-up, and adding subtle sex appeal—are revealed in this illustrated guide for professional photographers. The reference provides the essential steps for adding this service, as well as case studies of numerous real-life sessions. By implementing the tasteful marketing strategies and the elegant, classy style of image-making offered in this guide, photographers will vamp up not only their studio offerings but also their sales.

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and accentuate that area. Her husband absolutely loved this image. I stock many different types and colors of feather boas, including reds, pinks, whites, and blacks. I purchase my boas from motherplucker.com. I’ve found that the turkey feather boas hold up the best and hide a lot of imperfections. 66 ELLIE VAYO’S GUIDE TO BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY Left—Only one light was used in this portrait. Note the “S” curve of the subject’s body. Every photographer should visit his or her local art museum and

is to be paid by the employee. EMPLOYEE PARKING Employees are to park in the back of the building if possible. If no spaces are available in the back, park in a space by the street in the front parking lot. SAFETY REGULATIONS Employees are expected to follow basic rules of safety for the health and protection of themselves, their colleagues, and the company. Please review the following general guidelines. • Do not try to lift and carry anything heavy by yourself. Ask for assistance. • Report

about booking a boudoir session want an anonymous way to see samples. Print Ads, Media Ads, and Web Sites The time and effort you’ve spent advertising and introducing yourself to your market will bring customers to your studio. However, most of your prospective customers still need more information before they book a session. This is why you need a dynamic, interesting, and informative web site that is easy to locate and navigate. Women thinking about booking a boudoir session want an anonymous

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distractions. I like to work with my clients one on one, but I do recommend that male photographers have a female assistant in the camera room at all times. I also use an assistant on occasion if I’m pressed for time or if I’m training one of my photographers. In each case, ask your client what she wants and what would make her the most comfortable. I learned a long time ago to keep spouses and friends out of the camera room. Spouses or boyfriends are distracting and tend to limit your

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