Galactic Dreams

Harry Harrison

Language: English

Pages: 222

ISBN: 0812550587

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Collected here are twelve of Harrison's best, including "Space Rats of the CCC, " probably the greatest space opera ever written, slightly tongue-in-cheek; "At Last, the True Story of Frankenstein, " in which our favorite monster gets new life - but whose life is it?; "Bill, The Galactic Hero's Happy Holiday, " in which our favorite drunkard enlistee is kidnapped by the evil Chingers and hypnotized into believing he's a general; and nine more classics ranging across time and space!

A Hero By Any Other Name

Year's Best SF 2

The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 4

Diamonds of the Night




















the doll dry and methodically screwed the head back on and replaced it in his pocket. "Now let's see what we can do about contacting control, putting them in the picture, and start cutting an orbit back towards Earth." Gino turned the radio on but did not send out the call yet. While they had talked their orbit had carried them around to the other side of the Moon; its bulk effectively blocked any radio communication with Earth. They hurtled in their measured arc through the darkness and

and made her own way out of the door. Once on the walkway, in a state of considerable confusion, she automatically took the turnings and changes that brought her home, to the apartment she shared with her ruined friend, Dolores. "Oh, my sainted mother," Dolores squealed when Beatrice came in, "will you just look at this!" This was a dress that Dolores held out, fresh from its tissue wrappings, a garment of artistic cut and impeccable design that shimmered and reflected the lights with an

me, boy?" "I certainly can," the boy said, stopping and looking around for the unseen speaker. "Where are you?" "I am by your side, but I am invisible. I am your fairy godmother . . . ." The boy made a rude sound by sticking out his tongue and blowing across it while it vibrated. "I don't believe in invisibility or fairy godmothers. Come out of those woods, whoever you are." "All boys believe in fairy godmothers," the voice said, but a worried tone edged the words now. "I know all kinds of

but went. The Chinger was his only chance. The robot was mopping the hall but stopped when he called to it. "You, robot, come here." "Me robot already here," it grated with metallic stupidity. "You-robot - put'em down mop. Roll to big human chief." "Me-robot - do what big chief tell it." Clanking and muttering mechanically it rolled through the door and stopped when the Chinger jumped onto its shoulder and opened the access plate in its head. "Klinkle!" it said as Mgr tore out handfuls of

laughed, not unkindly, with a sound like tearing steel. "The best news is that M, you are going to be Captain of this spacegoing superdreadnought, while lucky L is Chief Engineer." "Lucky L would be a lot happier if he were Captain instead of king of the stokehold," Jax muttered, and the other two laughed at what they thought was a joke. "Everything is completely automated," the Colonel continued, "so it can be flown by a crew of two. But I must warn you that it has experimental gear aboard so

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