Nebula Awards Showcase 2003

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0451459091

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here is the ssential index of one year in SF and fantasy, full of winners and nominees of the prestigious Nebula Award. For groundbreaking works in the genre, the Nebula is perhaps the highest honor in the field-and a beacon for readers looking for the best quality science fiction and fantasy around.

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Bangkok Noir

The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories

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Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction
















bigger than our tunnels, and surely more exciting. She cried and kissed him and chose to stay. The new Earth had no place for her. Sandor wouldn’t want her, even if she found him. She promised to listen for their radio and pray they came back safe. I had always been the station historian. Earth was where history was happening. I shook hands with Pepe and Casey and agreed to go with them. “You won’t belong,” Tanya warned us. “You’ll have to look out for yourselves.” She found water canteens and

happy, but moving us only by our own consent. My mother says they are part of what you used to call the unconscious.” “Those people on the ship?” Doubtfully, Casey frowned. “Still alive, I guess, but not free to get off or happy at all.” “They are troubled.” Nodding soberly, she listened again. “But my mother says I should explain the nanorob way. She says the old primitives lived in what she calls the way of the jungle genes, back when survival required traits of selfish aggression. The

said. “We had to relocate them.” “To Xavantina?” She couldn’t think of anything down there except abandoned gold mines, maybe a rubber plantation or two. “Why can’t you leave them with us?” “Because they’re . . . unique.” He was being so vague, so unforthcoming, she would have guessed that the entire tribe was going to be sold into gold-mining slavery, except something in his tone said that he really cared about what happened to them. “Unique?” said Maria. “You mean linguistically?

can think of any number of things we writers and readers might justifiably be Escaping from these days—into the pastoral long ago and far away, no doubt, but also into more contemporary realms: our world, straight up, with a twist. The long-term benefits of this literary and psychological trend, if it continues, are interesting to contemplate, but it’s late, and I’m sleepy. After a good night’s rest and a great many dreams, informed by all those writers named above, I will rise and mow the lawn,

with strict rules about its application and usefulness. The vast majority of traditional fantasy explores essential conflicts between forces of good and forces of evil. And yet the field is expanding, growing, defining itself to exist in a field separate from the media, separate from the exuberant—if occasionally simplistic—youthful audience attracted by cinema. Traditional fantasy is growing up, shaping itself for grown-up readers with grown-up concerns. DARK FANTASY Ellen Datlow

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