Sherlock Holmes in America

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1602399344

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Just in time for Sherlock Holmes, the major motion picture starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law: the world’s greatest fictional detective and his famous sidekick Dr. Watson are on their first trip across the Atlantic as they solve crimes all over nineteenth-century America—from the bustling neighborhoods of New York, Boston, and D.C. to fog-shrouded San Francisco. The world’s best-loved British sleuth faces some of the most cunning criminals America has to offer and meets some of America’s most famous figures along the way.

This exciting new anthology features over a dozen original short stories by award-winning and prominent writers, each in the extraordinary tradition of Conan Doyle, and each with a unique American twist. Featuring new stories by:

  • Edgar Award–winner Daniel Stashower
  • Edgar Award–winner Jon L. Breen
  • Shamus Award–winner Loren Estleman
  • Derringer Award–winner Steve Hockensmith
  • Anthony Award–winner Bill Crider
  • And many more!

The Dead of Winter (Thieves' World, Book 7)

Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom

Lost-and-Found Groom (A Place Called Home, Book 1)

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume 2B















that he found himself being pushed on stage to address an audience of three thousand: “I hardly knew myself what I said, but the Irish part of me came to my aid and supplied me with a torrent of more or less incoherent words and similes which roused the audience greatly, though it read afterwards more like a comic stump speech than a serious political effort.” Temper and the gift of the gab: two hallmarks of the stage Irishman, which Conan Doyle obviously, desperately, did not want to be. For at

chance for some rest. Experiences of this kind, in which local dignitaries missed no opportunity to meet the celebrity author, were repeated day after day through the exhausting ten weeks of the trip. As for Conan Doyle’s lecture itself, it was the same almost every night, under the title “Readings and Reminiscences.” He had come to North America hoping to give several literary talks in rotation, including one about the novelist George Meredith, whom he considered to be the greatest author of

well she had no desire for marriage and a family.” “She has a good heart, though,” Penny continued. “She kept up a voluminous correspondence with our missionary families and was always collecting things for them.” “How did it happen that she was alone at the church on the day she disappeared?” Holmes asked. “I went with her that morning, of course,” Mrs. Penny offered, almost defensively. “Just as we always do. We were sorting old clothes and packing them in barrels to send to the missionaries

the care of her housekeeper. Holmes behaved with unexpected courtliness, jumping ahead of me to hand her down from the hack, and even raising her gloved wrist to his lips as we left her in the hall. I smiled to myself, thinking that southern air and manners had made my old friend more susceptible than usual. We walked the short distance back to the hotel. “If somebody went to such lengths to steal her violin, that must be because he believed it to be the authentic one,” I ventured. “A false

the gunshot. Tate seized this opportunity without hesitation. Reaching into the folds of his cloak, he withdrew a small but deadly swamp adder, the deadliest snake in India, which he had secured during his dealings with—” “For heaven’s sake, Mr. Houdini,” cried Miss Henderson. “This is the most absurd yarn I’ve ever heard!” “It’s preposterous,” said Patrell, reaching for another walnut. “And by the way, aren’t you describing the plot of a Sherlock Holmes adventure? The Speckled Band, wasn’t

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