Shotguns v. Cthulhu

Robin D. Laws

Language: English

Pages: 292

ISBN: 1908983019

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Pulse-pounding action meets cosmic horror in this exciting collection from the rising stars of the New Cthulhuiana, as humanity takes up arms against the monsters and gods of H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. The fighting takes place in the past, present, and future, from the birth of the shotgun to the end of the world, and contributors who boast high name recognition among today's Cthulhu Mythos fans, including the cocreators of the Delta Green mythos setting and the cohosts of the H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, relentlessly hurtle readers into the madness and danger. The complete list of authors includes Natania Barron, Steve Dempsey, Dennis Detwiller, Larry DiTillio, Chad Fifer, A. Scott Glancy, Dave Gross, Dan Harms, Rob Heinsoo, Kenneth Hite, Chris Lackey, Robin D. Laws, Nick Mamatas, Ekaterina Sedia, and Kyla Ward.

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shotgun and a flashlight. Every footfall the shotgun swings away from my shoulder, and every other footfall, it smashes into my shoulder blade. But I don’t care. I’m very, very frightened. My feet are screaming. My back, bent. I’m stumbling on snow and branches and over deadfalls, flatfooted and without any grace—terrified. I’ve dropped the gun and the flashlight more than once, and scrambled to pick them up just as quickly. My breath is coming out in plumes that are lost behind me before I can

Grendel joins her and leans in close, his pistol free from its holster, but held down and out of Winifred’s field of view. She slowly opens the truck a hair’s breadth and leans in to look around the edge for any signs of a trip wire or booby trap. “I think it’s safe,” she says. She carefully lifts the lid. Inside is an alchemist’s workshop. There are glass vials containing colored powders. Beakers with strange fluids, sealed with lead stoppers and molten wax. Chalk, candles and a curved, ritual

a tight space, made of aluminum, probably a modified deep freeze. My body was folded in half, ass down, legs up, my knees facing my eyes and my busted up arms folded in between. Grillface turned away for a moment and then turned back with a padlock in his hand, looking down at me. He paused as he reached up to close the lid, staring down with an almost-human expression. Was it pity? That was when I heard the scream, muffled from behind the door of the old man’s torture room, but unmistakable.

that springs from nothing.” I heard Bev’s voice clearly. These were the first words I was able to make out. He wasn’t really sorry. “The book told me what to do with it, how to grow that spiritual baby within you, to make it strong through conflict and strife, so it could defend us from...” Bev seemed to forget the language for a moment. “Things.” Roger held up the gun. “Put down your weapon.” “This?” Bev said. “It took me a year to make this.” He turned the blade in the light and it glittered

afraid. The presence was behind me again, waiting. Watching. Amused. I threw the tank with all my might. It flew across the water, and for a moment I was certain I hadn’t put enough heft behind it. But it landed in the middle of the vined monstrosity, clocking one of the human faces right on the forehead and sinking further down. I had some quicklime left over, and I threw it up into the air and disengaged the flame gun. The quicklime went vibrant bright, flaring out and around, spilling light

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