Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty

M. J. O'Shea

Language: English

Pages: 285


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The stories you are about to read are the product of a very special project sponsored by the Goodreads M/M Romance group—the online community for readers who love to read about men in love (Male/Male).

The group moderators issued an invitation for members to choose a photo and pen a Letter to Santa asking for a short M/M romance story inspired by the image; authors from the group were encouraged to select a letter and write an original tale.

The result was an outpouring of creativity that shined a spotlight on the special bond between M/M romance writers and the people who love what they do. This book is an anthology of those letters and stories.

Whether you are an avid M/M romance reader or new to the genre, you are in for a delicious treat. So sit back, relax and enjoy Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and . . . Naughty.

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floor in a soggy mess, just like me. My pug, Skippy, came into the kitchen. He lapped at the puddle then looked up at me as if to say, “Is it all better, Daddy?” “It’s a nightmare, Skip,” I told the dog as if he’d actually asked. While I waited for the plumber, I quickly changed clothes. Then, I threw the first load of sopping towels in the dryer. The rest were still on the floor, more than likely too saturated to do more than prevent the water from spreading. I was barefoot, wearing sweats and a

the boy’s body. He wanted to explore what lay beneath too— nestled between the boys tight ass cheeks. But truly, it was the boy’s face that was the most captivating. He had a wolf’s pointed muzzle and sturdy head that tapered down to a very human, very male body. A thick brown ruff of fur protected his nape and upper shoulders. His ears where sharp triangles. His nose a very canine soft black flare at the tip of his snout. In other words, he was mesmerizing. Cy could see wet tracks down the boys

in one long push that buried him balls deep in Wolf’s ass. Wolf arched back into him, drawing him impossibly deeper. Their balls touched for a moment, before Cy pulled back, only to plunge back in for more of Wolf’s tight heat over and over again. Sweat dripped off Cy’s brow. Wolf grunted and whined as he thrust back against Cy. It was pure, wild, torturous bliss. But it couldn’t go on for much longer. Cy was too close. They both were. Pressure building, Cy reached around, encircling Wolf’s cock

office gossip to confirm the wicked glitter in his dark eyes was the mark of a player. I didn’t need anyone to tell me that fucking one of my bosses was every conceivable level of stupid, either. It hadn’t mattered. One look from him had wiped every iota of common sense from my skull. And it still did. Evidence A for the prosecution: I was needy, naked and squirming for more under the heavy press 126 Stuff My Stocking: M/M Romance Stories that are Nice and… Naughty of his body when I’d sworn

deciphering them, he could guess well enough that it was gratitude. Though really, Kit had worked no more diligently this afternoon than most men had done. Maybe less. Free, he’d said, and so Kit responded, “Muchas gracias, Felix” trying his best to trill that ‘r’, choking it, as usual, but getting another face-splitting grin in response. Kit settled onto the stool, cold metal, and leaned into the bar. Bright yellow paint peeled from its corners, the gold and red of a faded Cerveza Imperial ad

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