The H. Beam Piper Megapack: 33 Classic Novels and Short Stories!

H. Beam Piper

Language: English

Pages: 1617

ISBN: 2:00182739

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The H. Beam Piper Megapack collects 33 novels, novellas, and short stories by H. Beam Piper.

• “Time and Time Again”
• “He Walked Around the Horses”
• “Police Operation”
• “The Mercenaries”
• “Last Enemy”
• “Flight From Tomorrow”
• “Operation R.S.V.P.”
• “Dearest”
• “Temple Trouble”
• “Genesis”
• “Day of the Moron”
• “Uller Uprising”
• “Null-ABC”
• “The Return”
• “Time Crime”
• “Omnilingual”
• “The Edge of the Knife”
• “The Keeper”
• “Graveyard of Dreams”
• “Ministry of Disturbance”
• “Hunter Patrol”
• “Crossroads of Destiny”
• “The Answer”
• “Oomphel in the Sky”
• “Four-Day Planet”
• “Naudsonce”
• “Little Fuzzy”
• “A Slave is a Slave”
• “Space Viking”
• “The Cosmic Computer”
• “Rebel Raider”
• “Murder in the Gunroom”

Tales From The Nightside

Twenty Epics

Shadows 5

Digital Domains: A Decade of Science Fiction & Fantasy

Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story




















in the Twentieth Century file, where it should be, although he examined each sheet of notes carefully. The possibility that his notes on that might have been filed out of place by mistake occurred to him; he looked in every other envelope. The notes, as far as they went, were all filed in order, and each one bore, beside the future date of occurrence, the date on which the knowledge—or must he call it delusion?—had come to him. But there was no note on the landing of the first unmanned rocket on

before he reached the edge, and the sun was shining when he found a slanting way down into the valley. Then, out of the north, a black dot appeared in the sky and grew larger, until he saw that it was a Government airboat—one of the kind used by the men who measured the growth of the Ice-Father. It came curving in and down toward him, and a window slid open and a man put his head out. “Want us to lift you down?” he asked. “We’re going to Long Valley Town. If that’s where you’re going, we can

think the natives are inferior beings!” She was almost in tears. “If you don’t, why did you come all the way to Kwannon to try to make them more like Terrans?” “Knock it off, Foxx; stop heckling her.” Travis looked faintly surprised. Maybe he hadn’t realized, before, that a boss newsman learns to talk like a commanding officer. “You remember what Ramón Gonzales was saying, out at Sanders’, about the inferior’s hatred for the superior as superior? It’s no wonder these Kwanns resent us. They have

“Oh, not for four hundred hours, at the least,” I said. “The spaceships always try to miss the early-dark and early-daylight storms. It’s hard to get a big ship down in a high wind.” “That’ll be plenty of time, I suppose,” Murell said. “There’s all that wax you have stored, and what I can get out of the Co-operative stores from crews that reclaim it. But I’m going to have a lot to do.” “Yes,” I agreed. “Dodging bullets, for one.” “Oh, I don’t expect any trouble,” Murell said. “This fellow

process of reincarnation is purely at random, or governed by unknown and uncontrollable causes, and is unpredictable except as to aggregates.” “That’s a fairly good generalized summary,” Dr. Harnosh of Hosh grudged, unwilling to give a mere layman too much credit. He dipped a spoon into a tobacco humidor, dusted the tobacco lightly with dried zerfa, and rammed it into his pipe. “You must understand that our modern Statisticalists are the intellectual heirs of those ancient materialistic thinkers

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