The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 14

Language: English

Pages: 517

ISBN: 2:00204498

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The finest exponents of horror fiction writing today, Neil Gaiman, China Mieville, Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman, Graham Joyce, Paul McCauley, Stephen Gallagher, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Basil Cooper, Glen Hirshberg, Jay Russell, feature in the world's premier annual horror anthology series, another bumper showcase devoted exclusively to excellence in macabre fiction. To accompany the very best in short stories and novellas is the year's most comprehensive horror overview and contacts listing as well as a fascinating necrology.

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turn this car right around and go back to the highway. We could be home in a few hours. We could be home before dark. “What are you waiting for?” Anna asks anxiously and she points at the squat, rectangular smudge in the distance. “That’s it. We’ve found it.” “I’m beginning to think this is what you wanted all along,” Julia says, speaking low: she can hardly hear herself over the Bel Air’s idling engine. “Anchor Bay, spending time together – that was all just a trick to get me to bring you out

smokegrey ghost muttering from nowhen, from hasn’t-been or never-will-be, and the child turns slowly towards her voice as the hurting thing chained to the rock begins to tear and stretches itself across the widening gulf. “Julia, please.” “You will be their queen, in the cities beneath the sea,” the old man says. “When I am not even a memory, child, you will hold them to the depths.” . . . And they all dead did lie, And a million million slimy things Liv’d on – and so did I . . . “Open your

hips, positioned himself on the pavement in front of her. “Oi, girlie, where’s your gas mask?” he shouted in a bullying tone. She stepped round the ARP man, leaving him to gaze after her. Martha and Beatie were up and about when she got home. Cassie bustled into the sitting room and squeezed by them without a word. “Where’ve you been?” Martha called. “Do you want some breakfast?” “Whatever have you got there?” Beatie said, eyeing the record player. But Cassie only bumped upstairs without a

a poster sold at auction is held for an American one-sheet of The Mummy, which sold in 1997 for $453,000. Published by Cinematics Publishing, John B. Murray’s The Remarkable Michael Reeves: His Short and Tragic Life was a biography of the talented but troubled director of such British movies as The Sorcerers and Witchfinder General. From McFarland, Donald F. Glut updated his previous studies in The Frankenstein Archive: Essays on the Monster, the Myth, the Movies and More (which included

switched off. That was when I started thinking of her as a little dead girl, in her funeral home curtain dress. In fact I fantasized about the whole family of them living above the funeral parlour and climbing into the boxes to sleep at night. But not for long. My kid was still singing. Even the applause sounded better in here. She sat down flushed, and I could see that she was pleased with herself. Chantal was the youngest entrant in this class. She went up about twenty minutes later. If

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