The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 20

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 0762437278

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This annual collection of exceptional horror and dark fantasy fiction stories is the essential must-have for horror buffs. The 20th edition of this showcase of horror includes a comprehensive overview of international selections, an impressively researched necrology, and a list of indispensable contact addresses for the dedicated horror fan and aspiring writer of true horror.

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dragged before a magistrate, the lawyer had to guarantee his bail. Prison remained a distinct possibility, only (the lawyer warned) to be averted by still more bribes. When Morse at length was returned home by cab, Lerner not only had to pay the hackman, he had to hire a doctor to tend Morse at two dollars a visit. By evening of a day of upheaval, Morse was lying in his room upstairs, the doctor had cleaned his wounds and strapped his ribs, and Lerner was in a greater rage than was safe for an

an abdominal aortic aneurysm after a long illness on March 4, aged 69. He had suffered a series of strokes in 2004. In 1974, he co-created the first dice-based role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, with Dave Arneson, and co-founded publishing imprint TSR (Tactical Studies Rules) with Dan Kaye. Although the creators sold their rights in the game in the 1990s, D&D became the basis of a $1 billion worldwide industry of books, films and video games based on its mix of medieval and mythological

best-selling author biographies with all their latest books, covers and descriptions. Pan Book of Horror Stories ( is a tribute site dedicated to the best-known horror anthology series ever published in the UK. Comprehensive listings of all stories and authors can be found here, along with rare contractual and promotional material that has been gathered together for the first time, giving a unique insight into the series’ publishing history. Hellnotes

over the kerb. The instant I regained my balance I dashed out of Copse View. Perhaps there was a flaw in the window, or the glass was so grimy that it blurred the person in the room, though not the other contents. Perhaps the occupant was wearing some kind of veil. Once I managed to have these thoughts they slowed me down, but not much, and I was breathing hard when I reached my uncle’s. He was sitting in the hall again. “All right, Craig, I wasn’t going anywhere,” he said. “Training for a

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