Three Weddings and a Kiss

Lisa Kleypas, Loretta Chase, Catherine Anderson

Language: English

Pages: 389

ISBN: 0380781220

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Everyone loves a wedding...

Nothing lifts our hearts like the joyous peal of wedding bells. Or the sight of a happy couple being showered with confetti and good wishes. Now the most exciting new names in romantic fiction and the bestselling author who started it all—escort you down the aisle to a place of honor at four glorious celebrations of everlasting love:

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss reintroduces us to the beloved characters from The Flame and the Flower including Jeff Birmingham, who seals an impetuous proposal with one brief, precious and passionate kiss.

Catherine Anderson calls us to meet a tempestuous pair of wild western hearts, in a tale of a frontier revenge that backfires.

Loretta Chase melts our hearts with a story of an unconventional young woman's offer of marriage to a "mad" and presumed dying earl.

Lisa Klepas shows us how true love will always win in a romance about one stubborn lady—and the persistent suitor who opens her heart.

So come join the celebration and experience Three Weddings and a Kiss.

Love for now...and always.

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sensing the other woman’s discomfiture. “My presence here must confound you. I would have stayed in Charleston, but Mr. Birmingham insisted that I come with him and meet his family. No doubt you have much to discuss and need some privacy.” “I think we do,” Heather responded gently, greatly heartened by the softly spoken and refined eloquence of the young woman. At least Jeff had not been taken in by some unschooled hoyden, though that possibility had seemed remote. Jeff gestured to Cora. “Show

leaving her face. “You may not know that all the best witches come to Dartmoor for their familiars,” she said. “A black cat is de rigueur. Since you’re the only one available—” “I’m not available, and I’m not a damned tabby, you demented little hellhound! And I know who you are. You’re the curst cousin, aren’t you? Only one of Bertie’s kin would come galloping into a mire in that lunatic way and blunder about, risking a horse, as well as her own scrawny neck, saving a man from what she got him

had any illusions about curing what medical science scarcely understood, let alone knew how to treat. She had not expected to fall in love with him, almost instantly. Still, that changed only her emotions, and she would simply have to live with them. She would not, however, let them rule, and be tempted to pray for a miracle, when what she ought to be doing was listening to him and ascertaining what he needed and how best to provide it. “You want to think,” she said, frowning. “Yes. About my

with a meaningful glance at the untidy pile of foolscap covered with her even more untidy scrawl. She wrinkled her nose. “Yes, my handwriting is horrid. Not at all like yours. I’m sure you were the finest copyist those London solicitors ever had.” “I should be happy to copy your notes legibly,” he said. “In fact, I…” He trailed off, his mind snagging on a recollection. Something she’d said weeks ago. Something “misinterpreted.” Catching her worried look, he shrugged. “I’m all right. My mind

It took him a moment to catch up with the rest, during which he stared stupidly at Eversham. It took another moment to force the words out. “What are you saying?” he asked, dazed. “Look forward to—? I have—You have—” He thrust his hair back. “Haven’t you overlooked something? The things. The—the ‘visual chimera’—‘first you see stars, then the pain hits.’ Physiological phenomena, common to a host of neurological ailments, my wife said.” Eversham nodded. “Indeed, quite common. Among others, these

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