Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting: An Antihero Anthology (A DLP Anthology) (Volume 1)

Joe Ducie

Language: English

Pages: 310

ISBN: 098732943X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting - An Antihero Anthology Sixteen tales of fantasy, horror, suspense, and drama, with some rather unconventional heroes. Discover the truth at the end of the world, escape from labs buried deep within the earth, and never stop running from the creatures hiding in the shadows. Trade destruction in a world where the Cold War heated up fast, dance until last call in a club without time, follow a master assassin on one last mission for redemption. The following stories contain zombies, monsters, angels, demons, and heroes of an altogether unsavory nature. Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting: Antiheroes The first anthology from DLP.

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dark. “I’m going to lower the lighter down and ignite that pyre. The open flame, once it grows, should be enough to blow the tanks. We’ll be running by then.” Sarah nodded and even smiled. “Gosh, this is exciting.” John looked at her sideways. “I mean, sorry... How do you know how to do this?” “It’s been a long year. Where’ve you been?” Sarah didn’t answer. John began to lower his tiny flicker of flame down to the fuel-soaked stack below. He lowered the Zippo slowly but surely and was

saving the men and women here? I found the Mason's body not far from the sea, but why did you kill him and his kraken instead of letting him do to Piraeus as he's done to four other cities in three years?” Jacob avoided meeting his gaze as he thought. It was not difficult to answer the first of those questions, once he realized the man meant the serpents—revenge of sorts. Justice for not killing him like everyone else and forcing him to endure the stares, the cruelty of those who saw something

scrabbling at my ankles while contemplating shaking the hand of a man who just betrayed his companions for no real reason that I can see. I think I'm falling down the rabbit hole, but this feels too real to be a drugged-out nightmare from the sedatives. “You don't take orders from Doons, do you?” It's not a question and Rob knows it. I flick the safety on and sling the H&K over my head by the shoulder strap. It thumps against my side, solid and heavy, as I reach out to shake Robert Caval's

height, weight, age and blood type. Nothing else that's unusual about me, save for the line on my medications that's been blacked out. At the bottom, it says Date Of Infection: Unknown. What infection? My mouth goes spit-dry and sticky. I swallow and turn the page. Further study of the dossier devolves into confusion. I have no idea what most of the scientific jargon is trying to say. But I'm beginning to get the impression that I had maybe one chance in a million of surviving the shit they

Homeless Man's hands dig into his gut. Bloody grey loops of intestines hang out of Will's belly, dripping slick and wet across the floor. Kicking the back of Homeless Man's knees in, I punch him in the temple. It's the only thing that seems to knock him for a spin. I ride him down to the floor, my fist slamming into the side of his fucking skull again and again, bone becoming mush-soft under my assault. I'm not aware of when he finally stops twitching, but I'm exhausted by the time I drop my

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