Words in Commotion and Other Stories

Tommaso Landolfi

Language: English

Pages: 275

ISBN: 0670805181

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

NEAR FINE in Fine jacket 8vo-over 7¾"-9¾" tall. REMAINDER MARK BOTTOM PG EDGES.

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 24

Le Tour du monde en 80 poèmes

Falschspieler: Erzählungen

The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson




















there was a small movable valve, or whatever it is called in technical jargon, comparable to the mitral valve in the heart, such that once the body was inflated it could still take in air without losing any. To deflate it, one had to unscrew a little cap located in the mouth, at the back of the throat. And nevertheless ... But let’s not jump ahead. 52 TOMMASO LANDOLFI And now I think I have covered all of the notable particulars of this being— except to remark upon the stupendous row of

even that meager joy of ours soon came to an end; one night the moon reappeared. She was jagged and smoky, murky beyond all description. She was nearly invisible, so maybe my friend and I could only see her because we knew she was up there, looking down on us angrily with an air of revenge. And then we saw the damage done by her forced passage through the flue; but the wind of open space had gradually cleansed her of the soot as she traveled, and her ceaseless turning had restored form to her

bear the odor, I suppose; as long as we know that it is an odor and not a perfume; as long as we’re not tricked by the dithyrambs of those who praise earthly fragrances, such as goodness and sanctity.” “What do goodness and sanctity have to do with it?” “Actually, not much; but some people say that health, for instance, has a certain odor. ... On the other hand, disregard my last statement completely.” “But I ask you, what’s the use of all this? Wouldn’t it be more useful. . . ” ‘To claim that we

gaze. But as I said nothing, she turned away again and bowed her head. What! Just like that, and no more? I was perplexed, I was distraught. Even if she hadn’t looked down, how could she not have noticed my leg, whose glint caught the eye in such a bright light? However, I couldn’t be certain of anything, and in any case, she would not, she could not escape me, she could not cheat me out of... everything. I called her again. “What is it?” she replied quietly, without turning at all. “Come on,

in my body, tremors in my innermost fibers for this most innocuous little creature. Even my mother, I’ve been told, would wordlessly raise a finger against this enemy whose presence her infallible instinct detected whenever she entered an empty room or passed through the courtyard. And she would persist in this until her companions removed the source of her discomfort. As for me, it was impossible to avoid contact with the abhorrent labrenas in the house. Thus, ever since I was a boy, I had

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